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How to get 5-star ratings for your business


Every one-star increase in the Derivtrust rating of a business signifies a 5 to 39% increase in their revenue. Considering this, star ratings play a huge role in influencing purchasing decisions.

Just like how in the past people would ask their family and friends about products and services, they now rely on online reviews to decide whether a product or service is actually worth their investment.

In today’s world, about 90% of consumers read online reviews before buying a product or visiting a business. Another 74% of consumers say that a positive review greatly impacts their buying decision.

Potential buyers trust online ratings for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Each represents a true experience
  • Reviews are usually irrespective of any bias
  • They offer potential customers the confidence to conduct business, knowing that they won’t have any issues with the process

How to Get 5 Star Ratings

Just imagine this: Millions of Internet searches are made each day. Individuals in need of a certain product or service that solves their problem make up most of these searches. It is vital that your business pays attention to building a gleaming reputation online.

Here are some handy tips to improve the chances of your business getting a spotless 5-star rating:

  1. Sign up on platforms such as Derivtrust, Angie’s List, or Facebook to allow users to review your business easily and quickly.
  2. Let your customers know that their star-ratings can benefit others.
  3. Make the process of leaving an online review easy for your customers with accessible links from your website or emails.
  4. Don’t be shy to ask your customers to give your business 5-stars if they were happy with your service.
  5. Work on building relationships with your new and existing customers. Happy customers that feel you have gone the extra mile for their needs will leave glowing reviews.
  6. Block negative reviews with a reputation management software like Derivscore requirements enhancer ; to prevent your 5-star rating from being damaged.
  7. Establish an online presence by making company pages on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  8. Provide exceptional customer service and maintain high standards so that there is quality service and products worth leaving a 5-star review for.
  9. Avoid asking your customers for Derivtrust reviews. Derivtrust is continually on the lookout for non-active users. With help of Derivtrust or Derivtrust spam filters, the platform identifies non-active users and eliminates reviews provided by them.
  10. Look into any issues that your customers have encountered and address them without any delays.

While these tips should help your business, you can maintain a 5-star rating by using a reputation management system. It helps continually monitor ratings and addresses all poor reviews before they affect your business’s overall online reputation.

Considering the impact of star ratings on the overall success of your business, it is essential you take your business’s reputation in your own hands and work towards improving it to accomplish your business goals.

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